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July 5, 2020
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Fast and Easy Birthday Party Planning Tips

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Planning a birthday party doesn't need to be difficult, time consuming or expensive. It can be a lot of fun to plan a party and, no matter how old the birthday person, your time and effort will be genuinely appreciated. You don't need to stress over an elaborate party plan. In fact, many successful and fun parties are sometimes the most simple to plan and put together. These easy planning tips can help you to quickly put together a birthday party that is enjoyed by all. Keeping it simple allows you to enjoy it too.

Choose a Theme

You don't necessarily need to have a theme to have a successful birthday party, but it helps make the planning easier and can add to the fun. Choosing a theme helps make the decision for decorating, party favors and food easier. Select the theme according to the birthday person's likes. Younger children may have a favorite cartoon character or prefer a princess or dragon theme. Teenage and adult themes can be a favorite hobby, sport or movie. Choose simple decorations to support the theme, like posters of cartoon characters or a movie poster for a movie themed party and display it in a simple large picture frame. If using a sports theme, napkins, cups and tablecloths can be in the colors of a favorite team. You can also choose games, party favors and food in your chosen theme.

Choose the Party Food

Food doesn't need to be fancy to be fun. In fact, the more simple and easy it is the more relaxing and enjoyable your party will be. Keeping with the sports theme, "tailgate" party foods can be a fun and easy choice or, for a young girl a tea party theme with small sandwiches and other finger foods. A birthday cake, of course, is essential, so if you are just having a cake and ice cream party, you can also include snacks like pretzels, cheese on toothpicks, a fruit plate or chips and dip or salsa. If the party revolves around a meal, sandwiches or hamburgers and hotdogs can be easy, along with potato chips, a vegetable platter and drinks. Foods that are easy to serve and to eat are usually the best. Another simple choice is several pizzas with different toppings so party goers can choose what they like.

Choosing Games

Games can add fun and excitement to a birthday party but, since not everyone enjoys playing games, it may be best to only plan a few games to play. Young children may enjoy "pin the tail on the donkey" while older children might like memory games or relay races in the backyard. A scavenger hunt can be a fun game for older children and adults. If you choose your games to match your theme and the age group playing, you can add a lot of memorable fun to a birthday party.

Preserve Birthday Memories

When the planning is over and the party begins, don't forget to capture all the fun memories with photos. Be sure to capture each party guest having fun so when you look back at your photos you will remember who was there to help celebrate the special birthday. You may also want to take a group photo with the guest of honor in the center surrounded by celebrating friends. A collage picture frame with snapshots of the party, from opening presents to blowing out the candles on the cake, will keep the birthday party fun alive until the next birthday rolls around.


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